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This is the page where I recommend breastfeeding-friendly products.


My aim is to help you decide what to buy according to your needs but also separate the real breastfeeding-friendly products from the ones who are marketed this way but aim to jeopardise breastfeeding and make you switch to formula and bottle feeding. 

The following products are for me the MUST-haves to facilitate your job as a breastfeeding mom. I recommend them as a Breastfeeding Counselor but also as a mom to another mom. It does not mean you need them all but you can definitely find in here what suits your needs. 

You will find breast pumps for all needs: stay-at-home rarely pumping moms, going back to work moms, moms who need to build up their supply after breastfeeding issues or a preterm baby in NICU... 

The Supplementing Nursing System and the Lact-Aid are products used for babies who need supplementing. Thanks to these products, supplementing happens at the breast so no bottles needed, no risk for nipple confusion. You can also make your own with a number 5 feeding tube and a 4oz syringe. 

You will find gel pads that you can use hot or frozen in case of engorgement, plugged duct, mastitis etc and other potential breast issues. 

I also chose to add a co-sleeper bassinet as it is a wonderful way to ease breastfeeding at night. Breastfeeding pillows too, as a good comfortable positioning is key for a good latch. My favorite is the adjustable pillow which you can use in the cradle, cross cradle and football hold. A wonderful invention! 


You will find soft muslin/swaddles from Aden+Anais, a brand that my husband and I used as burp cloth, blanket, breastfeeding cover and to swaddle baby. 

I also added ergonomic baby carriers which are amazing for breastfeeding, putting baby to sleep and go through growing spurts, during travelling or for every day use at home. 

We used the Ergobaby from newborn stage with the İnfant insert, till toddlerhood.

We were huge fans of this product! 

We also LOVED our Bugaboo stroller. Although it is not a breastfeeding related article, I wanted to include it in this list as we used it till Jazz was 3.5 yo and never switched to a lighter version. 


I wish you a happy, breastfeeding-friendly shopping! 

Have a lovely day! 

Kind regards,



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