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My name is Melody De Visscher Büyükkaraca. 

I am a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC)

How did I start this career?

When I gave birth to my baby boy Jazz, in 2012, I was a journalist. I had been writing for nearly 10 years. 

I fell instantly in love with breastfeeding. It made me feel so empowered! I found so amazing that my baby was growing, growing... so quickly while he wasn't fed anything else then my milk. The other awesome thing was the growing attachment I felt for my baby every time I was nursing thanks to oxytocin, also called 'love hormone', flowing in my body. 


Breastfeeding turned into a passion. I wanted to know everything about it. 


As a journalist, I was used to doing research.  I started to read, read, read and then talk, talk, talk about breastfeeding, so much that... my husband begged me to talk about something else. 

At that point reality kicked in: I was going to change career...

I trained with Childbirth International and became a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC). 

 I have a journalistic approach to breastfeeding:

I love to research, tie facts together to find the cause of a problem and its solutions. I also enjoy translating scientific concepts into a language accessible to all and images that stick to the mind.  


This is how I inform, help and support moms to help them and their baby get the best they deserve.

Oh yes...

I breastfed Jazz for 28 months. While in the process of weaning him from the breast, I realized there were very little resources about this topic. That is how I decided to write and illustrate our own book.

'Bye-Bye Mommy's Milk' has been published in April 2020. You can find it in paperback and eBook in most countries. 

The Turkish version, Güle Güle Meme! has been published in May 2019 and became the very first weaning source in Turkey. 




How can I help you?

+90 545 735 00 00 
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